How To Do Water Transfer Printing At Home

hydrographics on a game controllerHave you ever wondered how they get those detailed graphics painted onto bicycle helmets, car and ATV trim, and dashboards? The process is known as hydrographic printing, or more simply, water transfer printing. It’s the process used by most manufacturers to decorate their products. It’s easy to learn and the results can be astounding.  However, there are only a couple bay area companies that offer water transfer printing services.

The process can be done on any object that can be submerged in water and which can hold a base coat. If an item meets these two requirements, the process can be used to print geometric designs, wood grain, camouflage, or any other design of your choosing onto the object. It’s able to be done with all types of substrates, which include fiberglass, wood, plastic, metal, and ceramics.

A water-soluble film that contains the printed patterns is dissolved into the water, and the ink bonds to the object that you are printing. In a typical application, the item that is to be printed is first coated with a primer base, or at other times an adhesion promoter. After the primer has dried, manufacturers often apply a coat of paint to control the hues of the chosen pattern. For example, if you’ve elected to use a camouflage pattern, paint neutral base color onto your object. After the item has been printed, it is then washed and painted with a clear topcoat.

Water transfer printing is nothing new, but it is seeing a surge in popularity due to the prevalence of YouTube videos and other social media sharing. It is becoming particularly popular with outdoor enthusiasts who are able to design, create, and apply their own camouflage graphics to everything from hunting and fishing equipment to firearms.

There are a number of suppliers of home dip kits that make it possible for hobbyists to do the process for themselves from the comfort of their own workshop or garage. Those suppliers provide complete details, breaking down the process of hydro dipping into step-by-step instructions to make it simple for the hobbyist to get great results the first time out.

When shopping for a home dip kit, take the time to compare them to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money. While some kits will include everything that you’ll need to do your first project at home, such as primer, base paint, clear-coat paint, gloves, sandpaper, and other necessities, others only provide the supplies that you’ll need that are specific to the hydro dipping process, like hydrographic film and film activator.

You can find a wide variety of hydrographic films with predesigned patterns already made. There is something for everyone to enjoy. Imagine printing an image of skulls or camouflage to your son’s skateboard, or horse images onto your daughter’s school lunchbox. There are so many different patterns and styles that you’ll find some that are suitable for either gender at affordable prices.

While the process is extensive, and there is a bit of a learning curve, it is definitely something that you can learn to do on your own and get quite good at. As your skills develop, you can earn some extra spending cash by printing objects for your family and friends. The results will amaze them!

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Smog Checks and Air Pollution

smog shop in oakdale caAir pollution has several damaging effects on the environment and its inhabitants such as Acidification. Those who live in the heavily populated urban areas of California know this too well. According to, cities in California have the worst particle pollution or smog. You may have already experienced the short-term effects without even realizing it. If you have a heavy cough or even slight eye irritation, you could be feeling short-term effects of this terrible ailment plaguing California and other urban areas worldwide.

There are two types of smog: reducing smog and photochemical smog. Reducing smog is an air pollution with large concentrations of smoke sulfur dioxide. Photochemical smog has ozone as well as other oxidants. California cities are known for having this type of smog because this smog is more common in sunny areas.

Particulate matter can cause eye irritation, breathing problems, and even bronchitis. The long-term effects are more serious and disturbing. Those who have frequent long-term exposure can have serious ailments such as emphysema or even cancer. Smog is one of the most well-known forms of air pollution but there are others.

Once Chemicals omit into the air, the pollutants can cause a chemical reaction. The pollutants combine with the “water droplets’ creating a dangers acidic precipitation known as acid rain. Once this rain falls it can harm everything it touches such as vegetation and man-made structures. Acid Rain is just one of the more commonly known risk factors created by pollutant the air.

Other little-known problems caused by acid rain are ground level ozone gas. It is also caused by a chemical reaction. it’s a poisonous gas that can cause health problems in human and animals. Eutrophication is when rain carries and deposits nitrogen into the rivers, lakes and soil. These Nitrogen deposits cause algae growth. This algae growth is toxic to the areas and causes more environmental problems to the inhabitants.

Luckily the United State Environmental Protection Agency or EPA established The Clean Air Act of 1970 to protect the air quality of the public. This law gave authority the EPA to set Nationwide Standards. The EPA has federally mandated emissions laws in California as well as other states to protect the public from air pollution as well as other forms of pollution. One of the more well-known laws in California requires light weight automobiles that manufactured in 1976 or later to be inspected by TCalifornia Smog Check Program. This program requires that the car be rechecked every 2 years. This law also requires that a seller of car more than four years have it checked before being sold.

There are a number of law put in place by the EPA to regulate businesses, manufactures and heavy-duty vehicles. Because of these laws mandated inspections and regulations to help reduce smog and its harmful effects on the public. People who inhabit the cities of California may never have the luxury of clean, pure air but it could be a lot worse if the EPA had not started enforcing regulations.…

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Glucosamine Can Be Effective In Treating Canine Arthritis

big dogGlucosamine is amazingly effective in treating arthritic pain in dogs. Hence, it can turn a lethargic, sad-looking, old dog into an excited, happy one. This ability has earned this supplement a reputation for being a wonder drug for dogs. Due to advances in veterinary medicine and pet nutrition, arthritic dogs can now live better and longer, thanks to glucosamine, natural dietary supplements that can provide joint pain relief caused by dog arthritis as well as help your pet repair damaged cartilage. However, a pet owner should be well acquainted with the following information about this supplement in order to embrace it.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance produced by the dog’s body. This is the reason why it is advisable that older dogs be given this substance in supplement form. This cartilage-building block is useful in many ways such as preventing arthritis by providing the dog with more flexible cartilage, and by lubricating the joints for smooth movement.

The dosage depends on factors such as the dog’s weight, the type of glucosamine, and whether the dog is under another medication. It is important that a dog owner suspecting his or her dog of canine arthritis should let the dog be examined by a vet. The vet will provide advice on the best form of this supplement to be given to the dog and how to administer it.

In general, a dog weighing less than 10 lbs. should be given a daily dose of 300 mg of glucosamine. While those weighing between 11 lbs. to 29 lbs. are given up to 600 mg per day and dogs of 30-59 lbs. in weight should get twice this amount. Similarly, dogs weighing from 60-120 lbs. are given 1800 mg of glucosamine daily. However, it is recommended by a majority of vets that dogs should be given a double dosage of glucosamine for some weeks at the beginning. Then the dosage quantity is gradually reduced as a dog shows some improvement.

Glucosamine comes in the form of tablets, liquid, powder, capsules or chews. It is also contained in some dog foods. However, dogs with moderate or severe arthritis require more than treated snacks and food. Research shows that glucosamine in liquid form or treat form is the easiest to administer since it does taste better to the dog. And the liquid form is easy to give to a finicky dog by mixing it in with the dog’s food. Here’s a popular one.

Though effective, glucosamine does not always work perfectly in all dogs. This failure may be due to insufficient dosage or the need for anti-inflammatory drugs in addition to glucosamine. Lastly, it takes time, even as much as six weeks, to have noticeable results. This is especially true for dogs with severe arthritis.

Glucosamine is the ultimate option for dogs with canine arthritis. It is even accessible over the counter but you should seek a vet’s advice before buying and administering it. The pet owner must guarantee that they administer the right dosage to their dogs in accordance with the circumstances above. You should also give your dog additional supplements as well, so as to help them in regaining their health and enable them to appreciate free movement with no pain and discomfort.…

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